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They needed a marketing solution that would not only catch people's attention but also showcase the app's unique value proposition.

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About project

As part of Anima's marketing strategy, a pack of motion graphics animations was created to showcase the app's key features and benefits.

The app is known for its ease of use, flexibility, and the ability to turn designs into responsive and interactive prototypes without writing code.


The animations created for the campaign helped the app achieve several outputs and advantages

The campaign was a highly effective solution for communicating the app’s features and benefits to potential users. The animations helped increase visibility, enhance brand identity, and improve conversion rates, ultimately contributing to the app’s growth and success.

The animations showcase how Anima can help designers save time and streamline their workflow, ultimately leading to better design outcomes.


Working with Lorelvis was great. Communication was easy and pleasant, he got the brief right away, he made all the adjustments we asked for with a smile, and generally speaking we highly recommend working with him"
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