UX UI & Motion Designer


The first dating APP in the Dominican Republic helps companies and individuals eliminate lines and waits from their lives time and businesses.

Misael Mireles


March, 2017

About project


Update the corporate image and create prototypes to improve the user experience.

The challenge

Design a user interface and experience for two types of users: Service providers such as fintech, hospitals,  and government departments, and on the other side clients as patients.

The process

Research and conceptualization were conducted based on HF prototypes. The approach is creating a design guideline that could allow agile iterations and faster development cycles. My responsibilities are refactoring the previews/first version of the project, and being able to cover navigation, user flows, interaction, and visual design improvements.

User persona

For the initial phase of the project, we made the task of defining two main profiles, within which they had to meet the necessary characteristics to be able to adapt the flow based on their needs. The “professional” user persona and the “customer” user persona. We carried out a series of interventions with people from both profiles so we could obtain relevant insights and not only show their point of view regarding the project, but also get to know the natural way in which they work.



Lorelvis es una persona que trabaja con entrega y dedicación. En el momento más crucial, no permitió obtener un producto con mucho mas valor de los esperado. Posee altos estándares de calidad y trabaja siempre enfocado para obtener los mejores resultados.
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